More walking around

No narrative this time, just photos and comments.

The city is architecturally remarkable. Structures from the 1400s to, well, last week, all jammed together, sometimes literally stuffed into spaces between each other.

All the normal modern European city activities are going on, but jammed into a medieval street network.

The whole city is in a very pleasing palette.

The medieval fortifications are just part of the fabric of the city. Yesterday morning my walk to the office went across this bridge and down the tower stairs. Nice embrasure placements, by the way. Good coverage of the river approach.

A panorama of the river, and the corresponding Informational Sign. The bridge from above is over on the left side. Behind that is the 1850's viaduct that the train tracks run across (behind which are the Amazon and Microsoft offices).

Restoration, Luxembourg style. Rebuilding the bridge? Put a GIGANTIC SIGN ON IT.

Owlet, as always, is a terrific traveling companion. Also: Those two guys sitting on the table behind owlet each destroyed a giant bowl of mussels, expertly and methodically.