City textures

Wherever I go, I find myself taking photos that aren't really art, and are only loosely documentary; they're more like records of the texture of the place. So in that spirit, here are a few groups of photos from the cities we visited.

I'll start with the electrical and communications grid. 

How about some delicious Lao cuisine?

One thing I loved was how they would clearly build until they ran out of money, and then use the structure however they could until they got more money together. Sometimes they'd finish the first floor; sometimes they'd just live in the partially constructed building; and sometimes, you know, at least you can hang laundry there.

Vientiane, which was a much younger city, seemed to have no pattern to development. At least in the parts of the city I saw, there didn't seem to be rich and poor neighborhoods; everything was mixed together. For example, these two photos were taken a couple hundred feet apart along a drainage canal:

And finally some assorted photos without categories.