Morning Market, Luang Prabang

The Morning Market may have been my single favorite place in Laos. Of the four mornings we were in Luang Prabang, I went to the market three times, including the morning before I flew home. The combination of beautiful produce, delicious prepared food, and the energy of people living their normal lives was all wonderful. 

The produce just about drove me crazy - piles and piles of beautiful fruits and vegetables, many of which I didn't recognize, made me wish for a house with a kitchen.  Not to mention the variety of pre-made sauces, barbecued meats, and delicious snacks.

The vendors and shoppers were equally wonderful, from the snappily dressed chicken ladies, to the minimalist knife sharpener (his entire kit was a stone and a bucket of water), to the butcher who sat on a stool on her counter, they were all great subjects. 

The last few pictures there are of a woman making what we described as Lao Ebelskivers, made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. Delicious, gooey, and deeply satisfying. Here's a post about the Thai version of the same thing - khanom krok - which looks like a slightly more complicated recipe but basically the same spirit.  The inestimable She Simmers has a picture of what looks like another kind of khanom krok in the Or Tor Kor Market, as well.


Finally, and most beloved to me, the noodle soup ladies, who fed me all three mornings, for the princely sum of 15,000 kip for just the soup, or 20,000 kip when I also made some selections from the offal bowl. (That's roughly $1.90 or $2.50 for a delicious breakfast.)