Alms for the circus

One of the most famous tourist sights in Luang Prabang is the procession of monks receiving alms every morning - Tak Bat. There's one main street many of the monks walk down, and if you do an image search you see a lot of photos that look like this - quiet, spiritual, serene.

However, if you pay attention as you walk around the different temples, you'll see this sign several times.

Now, in my experience, if they go to the trouble and expense of putting in a sign to remind tourists to behave themselves... that means there's a whole lot of tourists not behaving.

I went, early in the morning, partly to experience the Tak Bat, and partly to photograph the circus. I wasn't disappointed.

Inspired by the Buddha statues everywhere, the perspective I tried to keep was that these people are doing a great job giving the monks the opportunity to practice loving kindness to all beings.

So... uh... go them?