The beginning


Another photo workshop. This time: Firenze.

It seems funny to me that after all this time of being a photographer, and all of the classes and workshops I've done, that I'm nervous at the start of every workshop. And yet, here I am. "What if I don't get any photos I like? What if I just shoot like a tourist and don't go deep? What if I don't grow?" Honestly, I get tired of listening to my own head.

Fortunately David will be pushing my lazy butt to make better work. Here's his description of the workshop: 

Each of these weeks is an intensive, 4-person workshop designed to explore your creative process, hone your photographic craft and create a cohesive body of work. You will explore, often on your own, the streets of these astonishing cities, share meals together, engage in honest critiques of your ongoing work, and be challenged to push yourself by someone who cares deeply about your art and won’t take no for an answer. And at the end of the week you’ll present a 12-image body of work. 

So we'll see. I'm going with minimal gear - my Leica Monochrom (which only shoots in black and white), and I'm primarily planning to shoot with a 50mm lens. I'm bringing a 35 as well, mostly as backup, but also in case whatever thread I end up following wants that slightly more intimate view.

Mostly I need to stop thinking about it, and follow Mr. Close's advice: "Just show up and get to work." 

Oh, and pack. Packing would be good. 

I leave on Friday.