Holidays in Barcelona and Rome

We've been thinking about taking The Kid to Europe for a while now, but the heat and humidity of Europe in the summer is a difficult proposition for my Northwesterners. So we spent The Kid's winter break in Barcelona and Rome. It was a lovely trip, and most of you will not be surprised to hear that I took one or two photos while we were there.

I'll start off with a few thematic groups of photos and then move into the dark and moody singles.

Today, I'll start off with food. Of course.

The Boqueria Market

The Mercat de la Boqueria is the oldest and currently the largest market in Barcelona. And an exciting and inspiring place for me to walk through.

Things I learned: Good jamon is really expensive. You'll see one there for €198 a kilo, and another whole jamon going for €565. Also, if you spend enough, apparently you also get a padded jamon case. 

Cooking with Carmen and Angels

No pictures of this. I was cooking.

One of the times we went through the market was with the excellent Carmen, who with her sister Angels runs Foodie Experience Barcelona. They run cooking classes in their space in the center of Barcelona, and our class started with a walk through the Boqueria. Carmen knows many of the stall owners, and a lot of the history of the market, so it was terrific to get her perspective. I learned a lot in the class about a cuisine I'm not that familiar with, and they were wonderful hosts.

The Kid was assigned to make Crema Catalan, similar to creme brulee, and at the end Angels handed The Kid the blowtorch to caramelize the surface. And The Kid did great. 

Highly recommended.