In which I am interviewed and discuss processing technique

For those of you I'm not connected to on any of the various forms of social media (The WellFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Comments Section of Slow Motion Deer Video), my friends at Craft and Vision have just published two interviews with me.

In the first interview, In Conversation: David Adam Edelstein, Cynthia Haynes and I talk about how I work, how I think about photography, and how I hope people react to the work. (Featured comment: "David Adam Edelstein’s esoteric comments match his haphazard images perfectly…both come across as unimaginative and bland all the while trying just a little too hard to be valid.")

In the second interview, Making the Image: David Adam Edelstein, I discuss how I did post-production on one of the images I shot in Florence. That one has lots of in-progress screen shots from Lightroom to show exactly how I went about processing the image.