When I finally become a crabby old man

You will be able to tell because I will finally give in to my urge to respond to every clickbait photography headline. "What is the best lens for street photography?" "What is the best time of day for landscape photography?" "Which lens should you buy for a trip to China?" "What's the best camera bag?" "What aperture should I use for weddings?" "Should you always use flash?" "Should you never use flash?"

When I have become a crabby old man, my entire blog post responding to each of those will be "Which lens? Fuck you." "What time? Fuck you." "Which bag? Fuck you."

Since I am not yet a crabby old man (shaddup) I can say more clearly: If you are looking for One Ultimate Answer, you are doing paint-by-numbers. You aren't making art, or even making craft.

The answer to every one of these questions has nothing to do with what anyone else says, and everything to do with you looking into yourself. What is it I want to say? How do I want to say it? What (and this is the scariest of all) is my emotional response to this subject that I want to communicate?

That is some scary shit to work on. But anything else is just wasting time.